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Clade Song Left

Is there an us? Walking with an unnerved dog, one figure steps through familiar woods. Back in winter a figure glided slowly on skis, followed by a dog in narrow tracks. One heartbeat follows another. If the dog doesn’t get in the way, this is order. What if the dog gets in the way? Gilded, summer will be the dog’s time, a time of no longer inhaling bleach from floors inside the remembered shelter, a time when a dog is not abandoned by a person but abandoned to its own paths and investigations. Those curtailed routes whose logic circles incessantly back, a being, present inside its own presence. The edge defining one desire interrupts the forward motion of another.






Clade Song Right
Kristin Dykstra

Kristin Dykstra appears in the June 2020 Words Without Borders Translator Relay. Selections from her new poetry manuscript are forthcoming in Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion and Seedings. Dykstra is principal translator of The Winter Garden Photograph, by Cuban writer Reina María Rodríguez, Winner of the 2020 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation. The book was published by Ugly Duckling Presse, which also brought out the 2019 collection Materia Prima, a Finalist for the 2020 Best Translated Book Award, co-edited by Dykstra with Kent Johnson. Introducing Amanda Berenguer of Uruguay, Materia Prima features a team of eight co-translators. Jacket2 published her alphabetical commentary series, “Intermedium,” in 2015.