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Clade Song Left

A bible written of rabbit

after Anis Mojgani

Parsnips     ferns     skunk cabbage     a sprinkle of basil    
stir over a throated heat     when the water boils throw away your socks
pinch yourself     find as many sugared yearbooks as you can     tear out
your photos     throw those away too    consider yourself grown
only on mornings you cry     consider yourself stable
only when your stew tastes sweet as a yelp    
sawbriar     calf flank     tight packed cedar shavings     loose spittle    
soak overnight     remove fat from muscle     muscle from joint and bone
meaning from language     the violent breath of it all     soak overnight     
wake cloud happy     your blood magnificent as anything
you'll ever again feel as this tin thin broth fills the room    
slap your baby fat     sleeve trout scale     there behind the house
find handfuls of rhubarb     wild onion     rooster feather    
and air and air and air






Clade Song Right

David Greenspan is a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi. He earned an MFA from UMass Amherst, where he won a Best New Poets prize and served as an editor for Slope Editions. His poems have appeared, or will soon, in places like DIAGRAM, Protean Magazine, Prelude, Soundings East, Superstition Review, and others.