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Clade Song 3

you come home to the rest of your life

                you come
                                            it's fall

    an enigma of embers and etching

        you’ve come                                   home to rest

                           but its life

its etched and rescribed and the embers falling


                        why’ve you come to this nest?

    you’ve lit it aflame 

                           love’s wretching

                                                                the love of your nest
                                                                is embering anymores love’s
    fervor for the rest of your life
            nests and the span
    between leaves is alluring

            light and the leaves alluring
embers in your eyes love
                                lighting the leaves
                    you’ve come lighting leaves as if
        you’ve a flame suit
            your nesting in embers

                as if you have only one flame
            love committed a flame in your nest
                as if you were amber as if drought

the leaves and the embers are call cards

                you’ve come to a life with call cards
        little nests burning     you’ve left
            each thorny doorstep bouqueted in blaze
                        each dozen embered

you came home

                alighting on anger and rattling leaves

        you came home
                to torches       ardorous eyes

    so you left
                        and you left your bouquet

    as if you were careful       burning
bouquets positioned on doorsteps
    thorn steps          fire cards

as if it were fetching
                            hurt man

                        come home to rest

    it’s fall       your nest an enigma
        of etching   you’ve come home


    the rest of the rest of your life

your yellowstone is here

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Aby Kaupang, author of Little “g” God Grows Tired of Me (SpringGun Press, 2013), Absence is Such a Transparent House (Tebot Bach, 2011) and Scenic Fences | Houses Innumerable  (Scantily Clad Press, 2008), has had poems appear in  FENCE, La Petite Zine, Dusie, Verse, Denver Quarterly, The Laurel Review, Parthenon West,  PANK, Aufgabe, 14 Hills, Interim, Caketrain, & others. She holds master’s degrees in both an Creative Writing and Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University. She lives in Fort Collins with the poet, Matthew Cooperman, and their two children. More information can be found at