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Clade Song Left

Quarantine at the Cottage at the Edge of the Earth

By the row of the last heirloom

in the plot that may have been
the one garden left

I heard thunder above the rumble
of the only ocean in recent memory

when the close and sudden thrum
of a brazen hummingbird

tipped the orbits
into motion again.






Clade Song Right
le Fatte

Eric le Fatte was educated in biology and English at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University. He has worked correcting library catalog cards in Texas, and as the Returns King at Eastern Mountain Sports in Massachusetts, but currently hikes, writes, teaches and does research on tiny things in the Portland, Oregon area. His poems have appeared in Rune, The Mountain Gazette,  The Poeming Pigeon, The Clackamas Literary Review, The Raven Chronicles, Windfall, Verseweavers, US#1 Worksheets, Perceptions, Cirque, and Clover.