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Clade Song 10

Phrase Book
                  Play hardens into knowledge

Leaf readers (tea, tree,
book (1 leaf 2 pages))
leave sound to wither

diaphragm-powered language
versus verses written
such different lairs of sense

linger in memory (hums
of bees as a kind of mind)
readers report on a future

find solace there where once
we went with confident out-
passing of ports after storm

an asteroid is among us
is us mother to us mingled
masses of earth gathered

like signatures sewn
an asteroid came calling
the trees did burn the fish

did drown the air did burn
and small life smoldered

like birds
who exhaled the last
of atmosphere another world
among us a world a way.


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Bin Ramke's thirteenth book of poems, LIGHT WIND LIGHT LIGHT, was published recently by Omnidawn. He continues to teach at the University of Denver, and sporadically at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.